Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard faces up to six years in prison for probation violation

Anwar S Richardson
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New England Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard is seemingly determined to learn what happens when you continuously break the law – the hard way.

As if being placed on probation for an altercation with a police officer was not bad enough, Dennard took the next bad step by violating the terms of his freedom this past July (just three months later). Now it may result in prison time.

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Dennard admitted he previously violated his probation by drinking and driving, according to the Lincoln Journal Star. As a result, Dennard will be sentenced on December 5, and could receive up to six years in prison.

Here is Lincoln Journal Star reporter Lori Pilger’s description of Dennard’s latest infraction:

Exactly three months later, a Lincoln police sergeant stopped him on suspicion of DUI after nearly a third of his car drifted outside his lane, Deputy County Attorney Chris Turner said at Monday's hearing.

He said the sergeant noticed Dennard fumbled with paperwork in the car and had bloodshot, watery eyes. He denied drinking, but showed signs of impairment, and police found alcohol in the car, Turner said.

Dennard gave insufficient samples for breath and chemical tests, he said. Even with a partial sample of breath, his BAC tested at 0.153 percent, he said.

Dennard, a former University of Nebraska-Lincoln standout, admitted to Lancaster County District Judge Stephanie Stacy he had two beers that evening and was driving his girlfriend’s car when stopped. The article said when the officer asked him to recite the alphabet backwards, Dennard said it, “would be hard for him to do today.”

As a result of that police stop, Dennard faces two misdemeanor charges and will appear in court on October 8.

Stacy reportedly accepted Dennard’s admission (not like he really had a choice), which led to the December sentencing date for violating probation.

In addition, Dennard may face a possible league suspension for violating the NFL’s personal-conduct policy or substance-abuse policy because of his today's admission. How swiftly the NFL decides Dennard's future is up to the league.

Dennard is a 24-year old NFL player who has definitely made bad mistakes. Anyone who has been affected by drinking-and-driving probably has very strong opinions about his actions, while others may blame Dennard's bad decisions on youth. Either way, Dennard will likely have to pay for those bad decisions pretty soon.

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