Patriots take a 31-minute break in practice to simulate Super Bowl halftime

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For your normal, run-of-the-mill NFL game, halftime lasts 12 minutes. For the Super Bowl, to accommodate a performance by Madonna and to sell more $3.5 million advertisements, halftime will last 31 minutes.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has prepared his team for the extended break.

According to Adam Schefter at, Belichick took his team off the field for 31 minutes during a Wednesday practice. He didn't stop there, either ‒ he also gave them a traditional halftime speech. Schefter says no other team has ever done this.

Patriots running back Stevan Ridley was impressed with the tactic.

"Coach Belichick is a genius," said Patriots running back Stevan Ridley. "He's special. That was coach Belichick doing his thing. [...]

"We were sitting in there and we had a halftime talk like it'll be Sunday," Ridley said. "He wanted this to be like a game experience, as close as we could get."

Will it make a difference during Sunday's game? Probably not. But it is a nice talking point for you at your Super Bowl party, and that's the important thing.

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Wait and see what happens after halftime ‒ if the Patriots come out and score first, shake your head and say, "That's what makes Bill Belichick special. Simulating the halftime break demonstrates the kind of attention to detail that makes a man a champion."

If the Giants score first in the second half, again you shake your head and you say, "Belichick out-thought himself with that simulated halftime at practice. The guy's too smart for his own good. He should've used that 31 minutes to teach his guys how to stop [name of the Giants player who just scored]."

And then you kick back, check the color of the can to make sure your beer is cold, and let everyone marvel over how smart you are.

Gracias, PFT.

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