Patriot Chandler Jones didn’t want Bill Belichick to see a picture with his Ravens brother

Maggie Hendricks
Shutdown Corner

Jon Jones had to stay neutral while in Foxboro two weeks ago. The UFC lightweight champion had a brother on both teams. Arthur is a defensive end for the Baltimore Ravens, and will play in the Super Bowl on Sunday. Chandler is a rookie on the New England Patriots, and was on the losing end of the AFC championship. Still, the always-busy brothers were happy to see each other after the game — with a caveat.

After the Ravens won the AFC championship, Arthur, Jon and Chandler met up and took a picture. Jon told Shutdown Corner that he wanted to share the picture with fans, but Chandler worried about one person seeing the pic.

"We haven't seen each other much and I said, we should take a picture, because I was automatically thinking about the fans and what they wanted to see. I'm sure they wanted to share that moment with us. It was a picture of me and Chandler holding up Arthur. I tweeted it, and Chandler had no clue I tweeted the picture," Jon said.

"He was like, [Patriots coach Bill] Belichick is not going to want to see a picture of me holding up a Raven with a smile on my face. I understood, so I took the picture down, but it was so much more about being with our brother. We were so happy for Arthur."

Jon said his younger brother is all in on following the Patriot Way. When Arthur tried to find out about the health of Chandler's ankle before their playoff game, Jon said Chandler knew better than to share any information.

"I was telling Chandler, don't listen to Arthur, he's on the other side. You gotta realize that. Belichick, he protects his knowledge. He protects his players. Chandler's a perfect Patriot. He keeps what's private private. It's weird to see him so hypnotized but he loves his team."

This week, both Jon and Chandler are in New Orleans to see their brother try to win a Super Bowl ring. In the future, Chandler is hoping to join Jon in training MMA.

“That definitely helps you,” Jones said on Comcast SportsNet New England. “[Jon] has a boxing coach, a Muay Thai coach and a jiu jitsu coach. That helps a lot when you’re tugging, playing in the trenches. My biggest thing is I try to get my hands inside before blockers touch me so if I work on my hand speed, that’ll be a great aspect to add to my game.”

Incorporating MMA into training has helped defensive linemen like Jared Allen and even Arthur. With Chandler working out with Jon -- whose next fight is April 27 against Chael Sonnen -- perhaps the Patriot will have the happy moment at next season's end.

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