Pacman's last stand: March 19

Pacman Jones is planning his own audition for scouts in New Orleans, the day after Tulane University has its pro day. Ladies get in free, rail drinks are $3 until 11 p.m., DJ Drawers Off will be keepin' it crunk all night, and everyone is encouraged to tip the dancers.

I kid, I kid. I'm pretty sure it'll just be Pacman working out by himself on an otherwise empty football field.

The workout, reported by's Jason La Confora, is a little bit of a surprise. Pacman worked out for the Bengals recently, and not only did the Bengals pass on signing him, but Jason Cole quoted one source who said that Pacman's workout was the opposite of impressive.

Evidently, Pacman disagrees. I guess it's possible that that quote came from the Bengals in order to scare other teams away from Pacman, but it wasn't exactly hard to believe that Pacman didn't impress. He's never been noted for his work ethic or self-discipline.

So either that guy was fibbing about Pacman's ability, or he and Pacman have a big difference of opinion. We'll find out, because that was just over two weeks ago, so whatever shape he was in then is probably very similar to the shape he's in right now. Whatever the case, Pacman obviously feels like he's got something to offer NFL teams.

I hope he's right, because this is a huge gamble.

It would be in Pacman's best interests to be in his best possible shape on March 19. If this doesn't work out for him, it's hard to imagine another way back into the league. If he flops here, it's hard to imagine a scenario down the line where any team says, "Hey, I bet Pacman Jones is focused and in game shape. Let's give him a call."

We'll see what happens.