Pacman Jones pursues strategy of profane self-defense to clear his name

Sometimes the best defense is just keeping your mouth shut ... or at least keeping a tighter rein on what leaps out of it.

Adam "Pacman" Jones is in the middle of one of those nasty he-said, she-said police incidents that result when you mix alcohol, celebrity, partying and cell-phone cameras. Jones is accused of striking a woman at a Cincinnati bar, but maintains that his actions came in self-defense after he'd turned down the woman's request for a picture and was subsequently hit with a beer bottle. (So much like your last Christmas it's scary, right?)

While the blame-the-jock defense is a well-worn and often successful strategy, there's enough gray area in this case, based on video and witness testimony, to give Jones firm ground on which to stand. But on Wednesday, Jones took to the airwaves to clear his name, and, well, it could've gone better. Speaking on ESPN radio, he gave a bit too graphic of an account of the night's proceedings.

Jones noted that immediately before the incident, two women were taking pictures of him, and that a "young lady in black" came up behind him, at which time ... all right, we have to be a little careful here. Jones used a term which can also be used to describe a garden tool (and no, we're not talking shovel) and a multi-use four-letter word that shares its last two letters with "heck." Everybody on the same page? All right, here we go.

When Jones saw the woman coming up behind him, he said, "[Shovel], where the [heck] did you come from?" And, yes, he did say this on live ESPN radio. (You can hear the full audio here at Deadspin, which provided the screenshot as well.)

Jones was courteous enough to tell the flustered radio hosts to "excuse my French," and then tried to explain that he only struck the woman as an "instant reaction" to getting hit by a beer bottle. One can debate the proportionality of such a response, but there's at least the potential that Jones was provoked.

Even so, Jones' lawyer might want to think again before letting him take his case to the public. Not everybody digs shovel talk, you know.

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