Pacman Jones has all the partying out of his system

Despite some tepid interest from the Lions a few weeks ago, Pacman Jones remains unemployed and extremely available.

He's so available, in fact, that he's not afraid to text Lions head coach Jim Schwartz and remind him of that fact. From Nicholas J. Cotsonika at the Detroit Free Press:

"I texted him and just told him that I’m still available, I like what they did in the draft," Jones said today in a telephone interview. "It was just a simple text message. And he was like, 'Thanks. Keep your head up and keep the faith.' We left it at that."

I don't know if Pacman should like Detroit's draft too much. After all, they spent a third-rounder on a cornerback, Amari Spievey out of Iowa. Every cornerback on the Detroit roster puts Pacman one step closer to remaining unemployed.

What does he think, that the Lions will want him to come in and tutor the rookie? That he can be of value to the Lions as Spievey's wise old mentor? He might get back into the league, but I don't think he's quite at the "mentor" stage yet.

Anyway, Pacman also addressed the chief reason why he doesn't have a job yet: the omni-present character questions. He assures us that he's past that part of his life.

"I don’t do the things that I used to do," Jones said. "I don’t hang out with the crowd that I used to. I’m a grown man now. I have a little girl. I have a fiancée with another baby on the way. So them days are over with, the kid days. It’s about my family now."


"You get older," Jones said. "I was a kid straight out of college. Partying was what I liked to do back then. I’m pretty much partied out now."

"I'm pretty much partied out now" -- I love that that's Pacman's grand argument for getting back into the league. He's pretty much saying, "Hey, believe me, guys, I have seen so many glitter-covered strippers that I can't even stand the thought of stuffing another dollar into a g-string glowing in the black light. That is why I should be a part of your organization."

Brilliant. And I hope it works. I have a feeling the Lions will eventually bring him in, but want to make him sweat it out a bit first -- just so he knows that he needs them more than they need him (which, by the way, may not actually be true).

I hope it's sooner than later, though. They need each other.

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