Pacman avoids a beheading from the commissioner's office

The punishment for Pacman Jones has come down, and for a guy who had a "zero tolerance" policy slapped on his forehead, he got off relatively light.

He's shelved for four games and possibly more, depending on whether or not he can manage to be a functioning member of society during that four-game suspension (hint: no). I consider it "light" because punishments don't usually go backwards in severity. He was suspended for a year, got another chance, blew that, and then his next punishment is 25% of what the first punishment was?

It's like doing ten years for arson, getting out, burning down a K-Mart, and then getting a six-month sentence for it. Seems odd to me, especially for Roger Goodell, a man whose tenure has been defined by his hellbent approach to discipline. I really thought another full year was coming.

Nope. Four games. Four games with another "You better behave!" notice stapled to it.

I'm a Pacman fan. When he was actually a functioning member of the Tennessee Titans, I trumpeted his (on-field) virtues like he was my first-born son. He was one of the game's best corners, along with one of its most dangerous return men. He could take another team's best receiver out of the game completely, and he could get you touchdowns.

He never got back to that level with the Cowboys, but you know, spending a year honing your professional wrestling and dollar bill-folding skills, as opposed to actually playing football, will have that effect on a guy.

I want him to succeed. I like Pacman, I like redemption stories, and if Pac could one day act like a normal human being for a few consecutive hours, it would be the ultimate in redemption stories. I might be the last one to do so, but I'm on the brink of giving up hope completely.