Packers go for symbolism, hugeness in their Super Bowl rings

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The Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers got their championship rings Thursday night in a ceremony at Lambeau Field. Here's a look at the behemoth finger decorations that would rip the arm out of the socket of a normal human being. Players and teams are not supposed to fraternize during the NFL lockout, but the league gave special dispensation so that the Packers could receive their jewelry.

And here are some factoids about all the symbolism and what-have-you involved in the ring.

  • The "G" logo in the middle of the ring includes 13 diamonds, one for each of the Packers championships (four Super Bowls, nine pre-merger NFL Championships).

  • Football-shaped diamonds dot the corner of the top of the rings, representing the four Super Bowl titles.

  • A total of 92 diamonds surround the crest, representing the 92 years that the franchise has existed.

  • On the inside of the ring, the scores of all the Packers playoff wins are included, as well as the logos of the opponents (congratulations, Eagles fans, you're on a Super Bowl ring!).

  • Also on the inside is a "1" alongside the words "Mind, Goal, Purpose and Heart," a sort of mantra that the Packers used on their way to the title.

  • One side features the Lombardi trophy and the player's name and number, with the number encircled as it was on the Packers throwback jerseys this year. On the other side is a rather exquisitely crafted likeness of Lambeau Field.


As for size and gaudiness, the ring checks in with 3.35 total carats of diamonds, falling just behind the 3.61 carats the Steelers crammed onto their rings for winning Super Bowl XLIII. Comparing it to other recent champions, the Saints got 2.2 carats on their XLIV rings, and the Giants, comparatively tasteful and restrained, went with 1.5 carats after XLII.

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