Outside the Game: Bills LB Bryan Scott is just as good on the piano as he is tackling running backs

Every NFL player faces the moment of truth. Most careers end suddenly, and all of a sudden there needs to be a Plan B.

Bryan Scott had that moment when he was cut by the Tennessee Titans in 2007.

"I said, ‘Wow, my career really could be over now, so what’s next?’" Scott told Yahoo! Sports.

Fortunately for Scott the Buffalo Bills called and gave him a job, and he's been a key contributor to their defense ever since as a safety and then linebacker. But had the Bills or anyone else not called, Scott probably would have been OK.

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Scott has never considered himself just a football player, and is just as talented in his other passion, which is music.

Scott was, not surprisingly, a standout athlete in high school, but also was in the choir and band, something you don't see a lot of in high school.

"A lot of times people are like, 'Why are you doing that, you’re supposed to be just a high school joke, or you’re supposed to be a band geek, why are you trying to do both?'" Scott said. "My message really was, whatever you’re passionate about, just follow it."

What is unique about Scott's musical ability is he came by it pretty naturally. He learned drums, then baritone saxophone, then tenor saxophone and then piano, mostly just teaching himself.

"I never took lessons, I just kind of watched my sister take lessons," Scott said.

While kids might look up to Scott and want to be a NFL player like him, Scott's message to children is to explore every avenue in life. He started the "Pick Your Passion Foundation for the Arts" and used profits from a song he made called "Dedicated" to help the foundation.

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Scott wants to show kids that they can be great at many things.

"I get a lot out of working with them," Scott said. "It’s kept me well-rounded and balanced. And I really think children need that."

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