Ouch: Torrey Smith gets tackled by the dreadlocks

Shutdown Corner

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith makes a nice catch over the middle, has some green in front of him, and possibly the end zone in his sights. Then came a sudden, searing scalp pain.

That's Cincinnati cornerback Adam Jones, the Pacman, making the perfectly legal follicular takedown. He never did anything that mean to Blinky or Clyde.

Dan Dierdorf asks a good question: If Torrey Smith has short hair, is that a touchdown? It didn't look like Pacman could've reached anything else, and if he could, it would've been horse collar. I'm not arguing that Smith should cut his hair -- for all I know, it's where all his speed comes from. It's going to hurt to shampoo that area for the next few days, though.

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