Opinions differ after Tebow's Pro Day

Not surprisingly, the range of opinions when it comes to Tim Tebow's throwing motion and renewed NFL prospects were all over the place after his pro day on Wednesday. From what I saw (and you can see in the video below), Tebow displayed more nimble footwork, and it's clear that he's working very hard to overcome the severe kinks in his throwing motion. However, Tebow still hesitates before throwing, and he definitely pushes the ball -- his release isn't impressive at all. These issues are minimized when he doesn't have defenders in his face, but in the NFL, when a quick release is prized above all, it's something that will still need a lot of work.

Mike Mayock of the NFL Network, one of the most respected voices in draft evaluation, believes that Tebow helped himself immensely. Mayock said that his mechanics were greatly improved from six weeks ago during Senior Bowl week. But that doesn't jibe with former NFL GM Charley Casserly, who says on his same video that while Tebow has some positives from this workout, he wouldn't take Tebow in the first four rounds.

Get used to it, America. While many draft prospects will have interesting stories, most will go untold as the debate continues and Tebow-mania dominates the headlines. While Miami's Chad Henne(notes) doesn't even believe that Tebow is an NFL quarterback, the league has already invited Tebow to draft HQ (Texans tackle Eric Winston's(notes) awesome response to the news: "What day?"). This honor is usually reserved for players estimated to go very early in the draft, and even those who are highest on Tebow don't see him going in the first round. So, he's a ratings bonanza, and the newest poster child for the spread-offense transition issues that will happen more and more often as players go from college to the NFL. But until he gets in front of a NFL defense, this is all yap-flapping and conjecture.

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