Only dance can heal the wounded souls of Matt Light and Rob Gronkowski

Shutdown Corner

The best story about post-Super Bowl heartache is this one: Dan Wetzel captures Tom Brady's pain immediately after losing again to the Giants. The second-best story about post-Super Bowl heartache is this one: Matt Light and Rob Gronkowski taking their shirts off and dancing their hearts out after the game.

The lesson here? When you are fiesta, you are always fiesta. Bigger pictures to follow.

According to Deadspin, these pictures were taken at the invite-only Patriots postgame party. LMFAO was there, as were Maroon 5, Steven Tyler and Earth, Wind & Fire. It actually doesn't look like a much different atmosphere than the one on the Giants team plane. It really is a fine line between winning and losing.

I can see some people getting bent out of shape over this, because some fans want the players to take the losses as hard as they do. But not everyone is this girl. Sadness and disappointment can find many different outlets.

I assure you, Matt Light, Rob Gronkowski and anyone else who danced at the Patriots party are competitors. They didn't give less effort than anyone else, and they are not less reliable in the future. They just chose to distract themselves from the sadness with a party and some shirtless gyrating. Matt Light might not get that opportunity very often.

Sometimes, dancing is the only way to get the pain out.

Many thanks, Deadspin.

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