Only one Tennessee Titans fan camps out to buy ticket, TV reporter wakes him for sleepy interview

There's a lot going on in this bit of video gold, which Deadspin thankfully found.

David Cline lines up every year when the Tennessee Titans put single-game tickets on sale. Hopefully for the Titans, most people buy tickets online, because Cline was the only person in line for the sale at the ticket office.

Channel 2 in Nashville was on the spot to chronicle tickets going on sale. And with nobody else to interview on live television, they woke Cline up.

He asked if he could stand up, fumbled for his Titans hat, still seemed half asleep for most of the interview ... was it really necessary to wake Cline up for this?

Not only was Cline the only person in line when Channel 2 woke him up (another family was spotted during the interview), he wasn't buying much.

"I'm going to get one game ticket, that's it," Cline said, saying he was getting a seat for the 49ers' trip to Nashville.

Cline explained that he didn't buy the tickets online because he doesn't have a credit card. He has been featured by other outlets before, because he's a huge Titans fan and has had success getting people to give him a ticket outside the stadium.

But not wanting to risk missing the 49ers game, he camped out. Which, looking back, probably wasn't necessary. But to Cline, this is an annual tradition.

"I'll do this in my sixties," Cline said.

Good for you David, and he certainly was a good sport about being woken up on live TV. And hey, let's let the man sleep in next year.

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