One play, one touchdown — Aaron Dobson’s career gets off to a nice start

Aaron Dobson was inactive in Week 1 against the Bills. But with the New England Patriots hurting for offensive weapons, the second-rounder Dobson was called on Thursday night against the New York Jets.

He didn't wait long to make an impression.

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On his first NFL play, Dobson sneaked away from the traffic on what looked like a run play to the Jets' over-aggressive defense, and he got wide open for a 39-yard touchdown reception that Tim Tebow could have completed right-handed. Or Mark Sanchez left-handed, as he was warming up tonight. Whatever, it was Tom Brady to Dobson, and it got the Patriots on the board early, 7-0.

Fantasy owners alert! Except consider this: That was his only play of the game, with several drops, so what does that tell you? It seems that Dobson is quite gifted athletically, but that maybe he's not refined enough as a receiver to face tough press coverage, and he clearly hasn't displayed great hands yet, or trust and chemistry with Brady.

Dobson dropped a gorgeous second-down pass from Brady mid-second quarter, and then followed it on third down a play later with a well-thrown bomb in which Dobson had outrun the coverage but could not haul in a pass that hit his hands. The Patriots struggled to throw the ball consistently all night, and the rain can't be used as an excuse, in the 13-10 victory.

Some good, but also some bad so far for the rookie.

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