One man's opinion: Tebow struggled more as he went on

Now that Tim Tebow has completed his pro day, and the NFL is left to evaluate and wonder about the ramifications of his new throwing motion, I contacted a friend who was at the event to get his take. Charlie Bernstein writes for and hosts the daily CB Sports Radio Show on ESPN Radio 1420 in St. Augustine, Fla. (Full disclosure: You can hear me blathering on about all things NFL on Charlie's show every Friday at 6 p.m. EST.) I asked Charlie for his reasoned evaluation of His Tebowness, and here's what he said:

In a dark, dreary rain-filled day at Ben Hill-Griffin Stadium, Florida quarterback and local icon Tim Tebow hoped the sunny skies would come out and his prospect of being a top pick in this April's NFL draft would follow. After enduring an enormous amount of scrutiny from his lackluster week at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Tebow vowed to re-work his throwing motion, footwork and delivery.

The early results were good, as Tebow shortened his delivery and showed good velocity on short routes. As the workout continued, Tebow's flaws began to surface as he now has a pause in his throwing motion and when he rolled out, his arm would drop just as it did before. Tebow struggled as the day went on with accuracy throwing outs as his receivers had to wait or come back for the football and rarely did an out hit a receiver on the numbers. In summation, Tebow looked better throwing the football than he did in Mobile, but as one NFL scout told me, "If he didn't wear an orange Florida helmet he'd be a sixth- or seventh-round pick."

Well, it sounds like the first exploits of a guy in the throes of a major mechanical alteration. We'll have more on Tebow's performance, and what it all means. And if we can, we might even happen to remember that some other guys worked out at the Florida pro day as well. No, really!

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