Oh-so-clever minor league team offers Michael Vick a contract

The Albany Firebirds of arenafootball2, a league for people who love football but hate capitalization, made an offer to Michael Vick earlier this week. The team website said it offered Vick a standard af2 contract, worth $200 a week, with a $50 bonus for a win.

As it turns out, the "offer" was made by someone in the marketing department, and the team's owner didn't know anything about it. When he found out, he wasn't happy.

“I’m a dog lover and I don’t want anything to do with (Vick),” Albany Firebirds owner Walter Robb told The Times Union for a story posted on its Web site Tuesday night.


Firebirds general manager Garen Szablewski told The Times Union the team’s marketing department came up with the idea to make an offer to Vick.

“The process wasn’t thought through properly,” Szablewski said. “The right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing.”

I, for one, am shocked at the lack of professionalism in arenafootball2. It's one thing for them to disrespect the space bar, one of the most valued keys on the entire QWERTY keyboard, in the name of their league. But it's something else entirely to disrespect dogs like that by inviting Michael Vick into the league. I know that af2 is a minor league of a minor league that doesn't really exist at the moment, but still, I'd expect more.

I also don't believe for a second that they'd turn down Michael Vick if he, for some reason, wanted to be an Albany Firebird. This is a team that almost folded before the '09 season because they were broke, and currently sits at 0-5 right now. The Albany Firebirds make the Detroit Lions look like the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Obviously, this won't be happening, but if it somehow could, Michael Vick would be the biggest (and only) draw arenafootball2 has ever had. If he showed up at an Albany game and said he'd only play for them if they let him host a puppy-punting contest at halftime of every game, my guess is that they'd let him do it.

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