Off-field trouble at the Super Bowl? Well, actually, there hasn’t been any

Take a large group of people, like NFL players, add in the potential shenanigans of New Orleans' French Quarter, the fact that just about everyone in the city has a camera phone and social media account, and there's bound to be plenty of off-field issues and legal trouble this week, right?

Not really. The police blotter has been pretty dull to this point of Super Bowl week.

How slow is it? Well, TMZ had the big controversial scoop this week. It was three San Francisco 49ers players ... wait for it ... going to a strip club!!! (Yes, TMZ used the triple exclamation points too ... and yes, they had a bold "EXCLUSIVE" on the top of this shocking news.)

Oh the insanity of it all!

TMZ breathlessly told us that three grown men in New Orleans – 49ers players Patrick Willis, Frank Gore and Michael Crabtree in this case – went to the Penthouse Club. They even had photographic before and after proof to confirm the identity of these three adults who went into a legal establishment, which makes them like plenty of people who go to the Big Easy. There was no report of them doing anything crazy or bad inside the club. Just that they went. The drama is just too intense.

This busts the door wide open for all kinds of mindblowing stories about our heroes. Ohmigod maybe even some players had an alcoholic beverage this week! Gasp!

The 1980-81 Raiders probably had more wacky adventures on Bourbon Street before noon each day of their Super Bowl trip than either team has had so far this week.

Really, that's fine. If we can get through an entire week without a publication referencing a fresh police report from New Orleans, that's OK with us. Still have a few nights before we're in the clear on that.

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