Ochocinco sounds the alarm: Trash-talking to begin soon

As his fantasy owners well know, Chad Ochocinco(notes) isn't having a tremendous year. Statistically, The Ocho has had just one good week. In Week 1 against the Patriots, he was dominant: 12 catches, 159 yards, one touchdown.

Since then, he hasn't made more than four catches in a game, or had more than 59 yards in a game. He hasn't seen the end zone, either.

Why? Well, you might attribute it to the struggles of Carson Palmer(notes) and the Bengals passing game in general. It might be that Terrell Owens(notes), with his three games with seven or more catches, is taking looks away from Chad. Or, it might be that Chad hasn't done enough trash talking.

You can probably guess what reason Chad's going with. From Cincinnati.com:

"I haven't been Chad at all," said Ochocinco. "I've been quiet. There's no bulletin board material. There's no excitement leading up to the game. There's no trash talking, there's no fun. Right now I'm not playing with confidence. Zero, zilch."


"Especially this bye week, it's about evaluating yourself and seeing who you are," said Ochocinco. "I haven't been the Chad of old, the Chad that we're all used to; the boisterous, sometimes borderline cocky, arrogant but that's the way I am and that's what everybody feeds off of as a city and as an organization and I haven't been that. I think when I do come back I'm going back to the Chad of old."

Well, that's good news for me, as a fellow who finds it entertaining when NFL players say and do ridiculous things. It's good news for pretty much everyone, because according to Chad, the Bengals organization and the entire city of Cincinnati feed off of his arrogance. If that's true, expect the city's crime rate to drop and economy to skyrocket, because that's one of the most arrogant things anyone has ever said.

The Bengals have a bye this week. When they come back in Week 7, they're at Atlanta. Prepare to get your feelings hurt, Dunta Robinson(notes).

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