Ochocinco shows up to Bengals game in Batmobile-like ride

The whole "Batman and Robin" thing with Terrell Owens(notes) and Chad Ochocinco(notes) didn't really fit on a number of levels:

1. Batman nor Robin liked to draw attention to themselves.

2. Batman wasn't afraid to go over the middle.

3. Robin never changed his name to some Robinuevo.

4. Batman and Robin played a role in some big victories in January.

5. Robin doesn't drive the Batmobile.

[Photos: More of Bengal buddies Ochocinco and Owens]

We'll focus on No. 5 today because this is what Ochocinco rolled up into Paul Brown Stadium driving on Sunday morning:

Next you'll be telling me he has a butler named Alfred and is dating Kim Basinger.

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