Ochocinco, now $30,000 poorer, plans to blow Ragnar's horn

For putting on a sombrero and a poncho after scoring a touchdown in Sunday's game against the Lions, Roger Goodell hit Chad Ochocinco(notes) with a swift kick to the pocketbook yesterday. The fine was $30,000, which is a lot of money to pay for the privilege of looking ridiculous for a few seconds.

Still, The Ocho's spirit of celebration is irrepressible. He tweeted the following to Adam Schefter last night:

Adam this Sunday when I score I'm taking that loud horn from the Viking mascot and using it<--is that a fine to?

To answer his question, yes, that would earn a fine, one even bigger than the one he got yesterday. Using props is, of course, banned as a form of celebration. One would also have to assume that it would earn him a punch in the face from Ragnar the Viking, because you just don't use another man's horn without asking first.

Stay tuned for the Ochocinco show on Monday. He's willing to spend a lot of money for the sake of "entertaining" you.

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