Ochocinco’s excuse to police: ‘I’m allergic to the sun’

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Chad Ochocinco was pulled over by Cincinnati police on Thursday for driving with tinted windows that were too dark. Like any citizen in trouble with the law, Ochocinco tweeted about his ongoing traffic stop to his 2.3 million Twitter followers:

And because the Internet is such a visual medium, Chad also included a picture of the offending police car in his side view mirror:

If anyone else recounted a conversation like that, our B.S. meters would be chirping. "Sure you feigned respect to a policeman before saying you're allergic to the sun." But coming from a guy who had to hand the officer a license that reads "Chad Javon Ochocinco," I'm buying it and his claim of sun allergy. What else do you think turned his hair blond?

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