Obama congratulates RG3, Redskins on restoring DC sports fans’ ‘faith’

Jay Busbee

Look, we might as well throw this out there as fast as we can and get out of the way:


There. Can we go? Can we escape this story without getting dragged into the muck and mire of the partisan cage-match that is our presidential campaign? No? All right, then.

After Robert Griffin III led the Redskins to a stirring victory over the Vikings, Obama, according to Politico, "did comment on the restoration of faith in Washington sports teams created by RGIII's remarkable performance in the Redskins game," White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters in a Monday press briefing.

[Also: Painfully embarrassing moment on live TV for NFL Network reporter]

Yeah, RG3 had a tall hill to climb to restore DC's respectability, what with the stunning collapse of the Washington Nationals just a few days before. Obama, a known Chicago Bears and White Sox fan, knows from disappointment, so he's got to be as pleased as anyone that the Redskins are doing as well as advertised.

After commenting on football, President Obama then apologized to the nation for actually taking one moment to behave like a normal American, and not spending 27 hours a day focused on America's problems. Mitt Romney then pledged he would spend 28 hours a day working to help the American people. (And yes, this entire paragraph is what is known as "satire.")

All right, no more politics in your sports, no more sports in your politics. For the moment.

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