Oakland Raiders set to introduce completely embarrassing-looking new mascot

Team mascots tend to either be beloved or reviled. This one, however, might find a new category: utterly depraved.

The Oakland Raiders will be on Monday Night Football against the Denver Broncos in Week 3, and they'll be unveiling The Raider Rusher as the new face of the sidelines. If Al Davis doesn't roll over in his grave over this blight ...

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It's just horrible. What is it? A demon? A spartan warrior from the future? A bowling ball with spikes and comically small arms? And those piercing eyes behind the Kato mask — thanks for the future nightmares, Raiders — what are those all about?

It would be one thing if the on-field product was better. Maybe then we could forgive the Raiders. But no playoffs since 2002? Then the Raider Rusher gets properly trashed. Let's hope he's a one-game wonder.

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