And now, Albert Haynesworth has a pregnant stripper problem

The thus far unpleasant offseason of Albert Haynesworth(notes), the big, strapping defensive tackle who is currently staying away from the Washington Redskins because they want him to play a position he doesn't like, just got worse.

The New York Post reports that a Brooklyn "exotic dancer" is suing Haynesworth for $10 million, alleging that he got her pregnant, promised to take care of her, and then abandoned her. More details from the Post:

[Silvia] Mena, 25, alleges Haynesworth, 28, met her in Miami, romanced her during Super Bowl week, and invited her to his Tennessee home. She claims in the documents that after learning about the pregnancy, Haynesworth promised to "emotionally and financially support Silvia." But, "after making such promises . . . Haynesworth has abandoned the pregnant Sylvia Mena . . . He has refused to provide any emotional or financial support of Silvia Mena or his unborn child."

You know me; I hate to be a cynic. But when a stripper from Brooklyn travels to Miami for Super Bowl week, and a few months later sues a star football player for $10 million ... well, I get a little suspicious.

Not that this would absolve Haynesworth of anything, of course. If he did in fact do the impregnating, then he's got to take the responsibility, too. If her story is true, she absolutely should sue him, and I hope she wins.

We haven't heard from Haynesworth yet.

With every cloud, though, comes a silver lining: Chin up, ma'am. If you're still in the same line of work in 2014, when Super Bowl week rolls around, you can at least save a bunch on travel expenses.

Gracias, FanHouse.

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