A novel approach: Sue the supplement maker

Obafemi Ayanbadejo is not the first NFL player to claim that he tested positive for steroids because he took a supposedly-legal supplement that somehow got tainted. It's more commonly referred to as "the Shawne Merriman defense."

Merriman never bothered to actually go through with the lawsuit, though, which left everyone feeling like he was full of goose manure. Ayanbadejo, however, is going through with the lawsuit, which makes his goose manure content seem a little lower.

From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

“I took a supplement that had a banned substance in it that was not listed on the bottle,” Ayanbadejo said yesterday. “I know a lot of guys have been using that excuse. But I said from the beginning that I was going to sue the company and make sure that whoever was responsible would face the music.”

He said the stigma of testing positive in January 2007 has helped keep him from getting back in the league.

Maybe he's right, and maybe the company wronged him. If that's the case, I hope he wins his lawsuit, but, as Pro Football Talk points out, the NFL has a strict list of supplements that are approved for use. And while it's not actually against the rules to stray from that list, you know that you can't get burned if you stick to the list.

Ayanbadejo Sues Supplment Maker / Pro Football Talk
Ex-Aztec sues supplement maker, shop over failed NFL steroid test / SignOnSanDiego.com

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