If nothing else, the Chiefs wideouts will have spotless carpets

Eric Price left his position as offensive coordinator at UTEP to take the job as wide receivers coach for the Kansas City Chiefs. I don't know if this is a good or bad hire for the Chiefs, and I don't know if it will make Dwayne Bowe and Samie Parker better receivers.

But by midseason, Bowe and Parker will have the cleanest damn carpets in the NFL. They'll be inviting Tony Gonzalez over twice a week to suck mashed potatoes directly off the carpet.

I just find this bizarre. If you're still watching the above video, I have no idea why. You must live in El Paso and have a filthy carpet.

The only thing interesting about it is how uninteresting it is. But it does allow you to walk around your office today, totally confident in the knowledge that you are the only one there who has seen an NFL coach watch intently as his wife endorses the FiberCARE Carpet Cleaning System.

My thanks to the bored fellows at Arrowhead Pride for digging this up.

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