Nothing you can say can make me do the Brett Favre Boogie

When you have a small NFL market with a legendary quarterback and an overwhelmingly white population, I suppose things like this are inevitable.

What you're witnessing above is called the "Brett Favre Boogie," and sadly, it is not one of those local morning show clips where something terrible happens to someone. About 8 seconds in, I switch it up and start doing the "Please Let There Be A Massive Stage Collapse Boogie."

I'll admit ... I'd have loved to see a Favre vs. Brady matchup. But had the Packers won yesterday, the two weeks of Favrelust that would've been foisted upon us all would have had us all sick of Favre anyway. If you're sorry you'll be missing out on that experience, just go ahead and watch the above video a few times, or just once, and you'll be able to replicate the nausea pretty well.

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