Not to be outdone, Tecmo Bowl also predicts a Giants win

It has yet to be determined if Giselle's prayers will provide some divine intervention for her husband Tom Brady on Sunday, but if Tecmo Bowl has anything to say about it, the New England Patriots quarterback will have a slow walk in his Uggs back to the team bus after the game.

Earlier this week, the Madden video game franchise announced that you don't even need to turn into this Sunday's Super Bowl since their simulation had the New York Giants beating the Patriots 27-24. That certainly frees up your evening to focus on the commercials or to watch the Nora Roberts movie marathon on Lifetime.

But Gridiron Heroes takes the predictions one step further and with far more nostalgia making their prognostications based on the classic Tecmo Bowl video game series of the 1980's. Modernizing the game with current players and stats, Gridiron Heroes ran its own simulation with the Giants beating the Patriots24-7 (no word on the pixilation quality of Bill Belichick in his hoodie).

The Giants romp was salsa-flavored, with wide receiver Victor Cruz leading the stat line with six catches for 159 yards and touchdowns. The Giants also had six sacks, essentially sticking the Patriots offense in neutral. The simulation, run by Gridiron Heroes founders and developers Matt Knobbe of and Dave Murray of Pixel Rampage have Brady throwing for only 157 yards.

"What makes the Madden prediction better? Because they spent days trying to project Rob Gronkowski's ankle? We spent two hours on the" Murray said. "We did it without spending millions of dollars to ensure that we wouldn't have any competition. All of that, and both of us still predicted the Giants. If we're talking accuracy, would you honestly trust either game enough to fly to Vegas and bet the house?"

Murray said his simulation took just two hours.

There has been an uptick of interest surrounding all things Tecmo related over the past few years, including re-releases of the game on newer consoles. Two decades ago, it was the first football video game to truly capture the nation's attention, with players such as Bo Jackson becoming a legend for being unstoppable in the game.

The Gridiron Heroes simulation project is a testament to what the game meant to a generation that grew up playing Tecmo, and wore their thumbs out using the "D-Pad.""It's the gameplay that makes it so special--like how people still love playing Super Mario Brothers to this day, even though it came out over 25 years ago. The game is so simple to learn and play but almost every match you play is unique in some way," Murray said. "The amount of thought and mastery that went into making it perform so well on a system so old is quite remarkable."

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