Not everyone is celebrating the Giants Super Bowl victory

Continuing with today's "politicians and the NFL" theme (oh, how I miss you, football), the United States House of Representatives yesterday passed a resolution to congratulate the Giants on their Super Bowl win.

The measure passed by a tally of 412-1.

The one dissenter? Patrick Murphy, a Congressman from Pennsylvania, lifelong Eagles fan, and thus, hater of the New York Giants.

“As a former 700-level security guard and lifelong Eagles fan, I couldn’t, in good conscience, vote for the New York Giants,” Murphy said Thursday. “The only thing worse would have been a resolution honoring the Dallas Cowboys.”

I say bravo, Congressman Murphy. Just because you become a Congressman doesn't mean you have to give up your fanhood. In fact, if I lived in Dallas or Washington, I'd write letters to my local Congressmen asking why the hell they voted for that measure. If sports can't give us an outlet for our petty jealousy and bitterness, what good are they?

If it was my Congressman, and he or she was voting on a measure that involves a team I hate (let's say the Raiders), the only time I'd want them to vote "yes" would be for their abolition.

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