Norv Turner says Brandon Weeden’s awful interception was not all-time-low awful

Once when they were in San Diego, Norv Turner and Philip Rivers drove across the border to Tijuana to go drink some tequila. A lot of tequila. They came back late that night and decided to play catch. Rivers made one particularly horrible throw 40 or 50 feet over Turner's head because, you know, tequila.

OK, that story is completely fake. But it's the only plausible scenario to back up Turner's claim Thursday that Brandon Weeden's interception late last week against the Detroit Lions (we were kind enough to supply the video again above) was not the worst throw that Turner ever has been witness to, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

"He’s not the first guy I’ve seen throw a ball like that," Turner said.

The Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator explained how there were good throws in the game, and some bad ones, and teaching points, and all of that coachspeak. Instead of just saying, "bad throw," explaining the mistake and moving on, Turner decided to coddle his quarterback — and put him in some pretty good company in the process.

"... There are some guys that have been to numerous Pro Bowls and guys that have won Super Bowls, I’ve seen not only attempt that pass but have it intercepted for a touchdown," Turner said. "It’s not excusable for anyone and it doesn’t make it right that someone else has done it. But we’re gonna eliminate it.''

In addition to Rivers, who never missed a start in his San Diego Chargers career with Turner as his head coach, Turner only has coached three Pro Bowl quarterbacks: Troy Aikman, Rich Gannon and Kerry Collins. We can picture Collins doing this, but not Aikman. So we'll assume it was some other Pro Bowl, multiple-Super Bowl-winning quarterback that Turner faced as an opponent.

But here's the bigger point: Even Brett Favre, king of the hold-your-breath underhanded flip pass, made up for his indiscretions with big wins. And that's the difference, so far, in Weeden's career. He hasn't yet.

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