Non-punctured testicles are key to a good Super Bowl party

There are a lot of dos and don'ts for a good Super Bowl party, but one underrated key is this: When everyone leaves, their testicles should be in the exact same shape as they were when they arrived.

And that is why Y Le's Super Bowl party was a failure.

Le hosted a Super Bowl party at his house, and late that night, well after the game had ended, Le was trying to get people to leave. One gentleman, Vinh Pham, didn't want to leave, because he was playing cards and presumably having a ball.

Still, Le wanted him to leave. Words were exchanged. Le went after Pham with a beer bottle, and Pham landed a punch to Le's jaw. Pham then put Le in a chokehold, and then Le ...

... in turn, grabbed Pham's testicles, "puncturing them with his fingers," according to a Monroe County Sheriff's deputy.

Oh, the humanity.

Both men are facing criminal charges. Pham is looking at battery charges for dislocated Le's jaw, and Le is looking at aggravated battery for squeezing, pulling, poking, yanking or whatever he did to the aggrieved man's scrotal region.

I think we can all agree that this is something that a good host just doesn't do. Yes, the other guy should've left when the host wanted him to leave, but come on. Use your words, gentlemen.

Gracias, Floriduh.

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