No, really: Rex Ryan has a tattoo of his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey

Yep, this is where we are now: New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has been spotted in the Bahamas sporting a tattoo of his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey.

No, really. We're not making this up. A New York Daily News reporter spotted Ryan at poolside at the Cove Atlantis resort, and snapped the photo there at right. You can clearly see the tattoo of Ryan's wife Michelle wearing a Sanchez jersey and, well, not much else.

Of course, this sent the New York media into a frenzy; you know some headline writer is still giggling about the "Kinky Inky" line there. (Among other references.) And the Daily News' Gary Myers penned a handwringing column about how the tattoo could cost Ryan support in the locker room that reads like a middle-schooler's inner monologue: "This classic work of art could affect Ryan’s credibility with his players. Will they tease him about it? Will they be jealous of Sanchez? Will they think of Sanchez as the teacher’s pet? Couldn’t Ryan have expressed his ever-lasting love for the Jets with just a generic green jersey without a number?"

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A few other points:

• When Ryan spotted the Daily News reporter approaching him, he said, "Oh s---," and immediately left the pool. Seriously, NYDN? Sending a reporter-stalker?

• What if Ryan does get fired? Does he just ink his new team's colors over this one? He'd better hope his new QB is No. 6 or 8.

• Per a commenter: Is Mrs. Ryan actually Tebowing?

• Say what you will about Rex Ryan, the man really seems to love his wife.

• Unrelated: At poolside, Ryan was reading "American Sniper," the autobiography of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Just so you know.

Now, it's entirely possible that this is a temporary tattoo, a goof on all of us, and if so, bravo, Rex. Well played. We've all already spent too much time thinking about this tat in particular and the 2012 Jets in general.

Until the next tabloid blow-up, that is.

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