No more waiting for Teddy Bridgewater, as Minnesota takes him to finish Round 1

Teddy Bridgewater waited and waited, right until the very end of the first round. Minnesota saved him from having a very long Thursday night.

Bridgewater was still on the board when the Seahawks were up with the 32nd pick, and they don't need a quarterback. But Minnesota, knowing that Bridgewater might not be available when they were picking at No. 40, made a bold move to go up and get the Louisville quarterback with the final pick of Thursday's first round.

Seattle traded the 32nd pick to Minnesota, which gave up the second-round pick (40th overall) and a fourth-round pick (108th overall) to move ahead of Houston, which picks first in the second round and needs a quarterback. Bridgewater was considered a candidate for the first pick in this draft most of last season, but this offseason wasn't kind to him. After a disastrous pro day performance, his stock really fell.

Bridgewater has had his arm strength and accuracy questioned, but he didn't lack either during his college career at Louisville. He was a tremendous player for Louisville from his freshman year on, and it might end up being a steal for Minnesota. By moving up, the Vikings also get the benefit of having a fifth-year option in Bridgewater's rookie contract, something that isn't available for players selected after the first round.

The Vikings tried to trade up to No. 22 to apparently select Johnny Manziel, according to many reports including NFL Network's Albert Breer, but Cleveland had more to offer Philadelphia and made the move to get Manziel. Minnesota, which has mediocre Matt Cassel as its starter and failed first-round pick Christian Ponder as the backup, knew it needed to get its quarterback of the future.

Bridgewater had a long wait in the green room waiting to be picked, even if it didn't receive as much attention as Manziel's wait. Last year, Geno Smith had to deal with the disappointment of waiting all first round, then not being picked and having to come back to Radio City Music Hall the next day. Bridgewater avoided that, thanks to a strong move by the Vikings to move up and grab him before Houston had its shot.

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