No matter who wins the Super Bowl, NFL Films is ready with your highlights!

Lead time concerns have largely disappeared in the Internet era, but there are certain manufacturing concerns that do slow time down to a degree. For example, when you shoot reel after reel of the best football film anywhere at a Super Bowl, cut it to highlight quality, move music and announcers' voices in, throw it on a million or so DVDs, and send it out to the joyous fans whose team just won the biggest game — or, the fans of the losing team, who want to torture themselves with that turnover, missed field goal, or horrible call that set their guys on the wrong path.

To speed that process along, NFL Films has already put together the covers for the Super Bowl XLVI highlights DVDs. And in consideration for either the Giants or Patriots winning, there are covers celebrating each team. This is the first place you'll see them, and you can thank our buddies at Films, Vivendi Entertainment and DKC for that.

From the press release:

Just 30 days following the big game, Vivendi Entertainment, the National Football League (NFL) and NFL Films will team up to bring NFL fans of the winning city the most sought after sports DVD release of the year when Super Bowl XLVI Champions DVD hits stores on March 6, 2012.   Super Bowl XLVI Champions DVD will be available in Standard Definition (SD) for $24.99 SRP and on Blu-Ray™ (BD) Hi Def for $34.93 SRP.

With its award-winning video and photography NFL Films captures all the non-stop action-packed season, playoff and Super Bowl XLVI highlights, exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage every die-hard fan desires.  Super Bowl XLVI Champions DVD allows fans to relive the incredible journey of their favorite team from training camp, through the regular season and playoffs and finally culminating with the glorious Super Bowl victory in Indianapolis.

Sounds good — I've been an NFL Films junkie since I was a little kid, and I obviously love this stuff. On the Patriots' DVD cover, there's Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. On the Giants' cover, it's Eli Manning, Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz. That's all well and good, and the Super Bowl MVP could easily be one of those guys.

But here's my question: What if the Super Bowl MVP is someone completely unexpected? What if Giants rotational D-lineman Dave Tollefson breaks the Super Bowl sack record and gets the car? Do they feature him on the shrinkwrap? Maybe they can include a gag reel of the best obscene phone calls Tollefson receives from his mom to hype him up on gamedays. Or, what if Patriots running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis rushes for 200 yards and shocks the world? Perhaps Films could stick a "Boston Legal" DVD in the package to make it right?

Actually, there's good news for those potentially hidden superstars. Matthew Altman of DKC informs Shutdown Corner that any unexpected MVP could be swapped out to the cover in time.

So, all you underrated Giants and Patriots, keep reaching for the sky. Your efforts will not go unrewarded!

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