Nnamdi Asomugha not being a Jet brings a sigh of relief

Shutdown Corner

I'll go ahead and apologize up front to Jets fans. I know you were excited about adding Nnamdi Asomugha to your fire-breathing defense. I know it seemed like a done deal. I know you're disappointed that it didn't happen. I don't want to rub salt in the wound.

But I'm glad you don't have him. It's nothing personal, of course -- it's just a part of my sports fandom policy to not applaud when the rich get richer. Granted, the Eagles were pretty rich in the secondary, too, but not quite like you guys. You've got a man who pretty much everyone acknowledges as an island. You don't need Nnamdi, too.

You'll get Antonio Cromartie back or plug in someone else, and your defense will still be mean. You'll be fine.

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Besides, putting Asomugha and Darrelle Revis in the same secondary ... that's a move that's got a little LeBron on it, don't you think? You don't want to be the Miami Heat of football. No one should ever want to be the Miami Heat of anything. And this way, you can taunt Eagles fans with things like, "Whatever. Our guy's still better than your guy."

Some people might have wanted to observe the curiosity of the game's two best corners lining up in the same defense. I admit, the prospect of that was somewhat interesting, but only in the same way that it's interesting to watch really old football footage where the forward pass was illegal.

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The move, had it come off, would've been aimed primarily at stopping Tom Brady and the other formidable passing offenses in the AFC, like the Colts and Chargers. But think about the collateral damage, too. What was Chad Henne supposed to do against Revis and Asomugha twice a year? How did you expect Ryan Fitzpatrick to not have night terrors? Was no one thinking of the mediocre quarterbacks? There are only so many times we could watch Tyler Thigpen sniffle meekly and say, "It's not fair, I quit," at post-game press conferences.

The Jets, in their games against non-elite offenses, would've been able to play for a field goal on offense, and as soon as they had it, spent the rest of the game punting on first down. This is a league that needs more offense. The Jets, with Asomugha, would have effectively removed offense from any game they played. I'm not sorry we'll be missing out on that.

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