NMA’s very special Super Bowl preview

Shutdown Corner

If you're the type of fan who prefers to think of a Giants/Patriots game as a duel between purple, cycloptic club-wielding monsters and revolutionary war soldiers, then the Taiwanese animators at Next Media Animation really have their fingers on the pulse of this matchup for you.

Note: There is a version in English, but I prefer the Chinese-language one, just to add to the "I don't understand one damn bit of this" vibe.

I feel like I should be getting tired of these, but they just keep raising the bar.

The highlights for me in this one:

• The 49ers being represented by Odell from Deadwood.

• "Everybody hates the Patriots. They cheat." The video accompanying this statement is of a Paul Revere-type fellow looking at a Ram-horned player through an old-timey telescope.

• "NFL rules have been changed to make quarterback Tom Brady nearly untouchable."

• "Coach Bill Belichick likes to run up the score," while Patriots are shown putting the boots to an American Indian, representative of the Kansas City Chiefs. This one is actually partially historically accurate.

• The insistence that the Giants' win in Super Bowl XLII was "one of the biggest upsets in sports history."

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