NFLPA reportedly looking into if Raiders properly handled Terrelle Pryor’s concussion

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Terrelle Pryor was down on the field for several seconds after a hard hit by Broncos linebacker Wesley Woodyard, yet nobody came out to take a look at the Raiders quarterback. Nobody came out even though there was a delay as the previous play was being reviewed.

Pryor stayed in the game for two more plays, and then was checked out when the series was over. Matt Flynn then came in the game while Pryor went to the locker room for evaluation. Pryor had a concussion.

This series of events has rightfully has drawn the attention of the NFLPA, ESPN and Fox Sports reported. The NFLPA is looking into whether proper protocol was followed by Oakland's athletic trainers and doctors.

A NFL spokesman told Pro Football Talk that “[a]ll indications are that the Raiders followed the proper protocol," which might be the most curious comment on the incident. The league, which just paid out $765 million to settle a series of concussion lawsuits by former players, has been trying to convince everyone over the last few years that it takes the concussion problem seriously. If that was the case, you'd think the league would at very least be spending some time asking questions about why Pryor stayed in the game and wasn't evaluated on the field. The union is. Maybe the league was only serious about concussions until the lawsuits went away.

Pryor has already said this week that he feels great and he's ready to go. It will be interesting to see how the Raiders handle their quarterback this week.

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