NFL wants to cut down on all the [censored] profanity that’s flying in the National [censored] Football League

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Possible scene from the Seattle-San Francisco game: the Seahawks' Richard Sherman picks off a Colin Kaepernick pass, then knocks Kaepernick to the ground as the 49er quarterback seeks to prevent a pick-six. Tempers flare, flags fly, and the language. Oh, the language we hear coming from the sidelines. It's enough to peel paint:

"Poor form, good sir! That is not the behavior of a gentleman!"

"Might I invite you to consider another career? One possibly involving crocheting, or perhaps macrame?"

"I do not find your mother to be an attractive woman!"

Harsh, yes? But that's the world we're headed for, friends, if the NFL has its way. In the wake of several Week 1 dustups and Thursday night's Patriots-Jets scuffle, the NFL has announced that it will be working to curb some of the profanity that flies through the air at NFL games.

League VP of officiating Dean Blandino told ESPN on Saturday that officials will be seeking to slow the flow of "actions [verbal or otherwise] directed at an opponent." While profanity in and of itself is still permitted, profanity directed at an opposing player — suggesting a course of action for the player to take, for instance, or comparing him to excrement — won't be tolerated.

The NFL Competition Committee has recommended that the "taunting penalty" be expanded to emphasize the forbidden nature of such profanity. Granted, this will cut the entire vocabulary of certain players and coaches in half, but that's apparently a risk the NFL is willing to take.

Please feel free to offer your perspective in the comments below. But be polite. The NFL is watching.

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