NFL tells Wade Phillips that it blew call, Peyton Manning’s 50th touchdown shouldn’t have counted

There's really nothing more empty than a league apologizing for blowing a call. You don't get a do-over. It's just a shrug and a "Whoops."

So it goes for Texans interim coach Wade Phillips. Peyton Manning broke the NFL record for passing touchdowns in a season by getting four against Houston last week, to reach 51 for the season. The only problem was the 50th touchdown that tied Tom Brady's record shouldn't have counted, Phillips said.

According to, the NFL told Phillips that Eric Decker was juggling the ball as he went out of bounds and the 50th touchdown should have been ruled an incompletion. All scores are reviewed, but the officials missed that one.

"Poor Manning," Phillips joked, according to ESPN. "He thought he broke the record."

Nothing is going to change. They're not going to take a touchdown off of Manning's record, or let the Texans replay the game from that point on. Manning will probably add a few touchdowns this week at Oakland to quell any silly notions that his record isn't legit yet. It's just kicking Phillips and the Texans a bit after they're down to admit the mistake.

He and Houston probably would have felt better never knowing.

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