NFL teams will be required to install video cameras in home locker room

Brian McIntyre

To help improve the in-game experience, and get more people into the stadium, the National Football League will mandate their teams to install video cameras inside the home locker room before next season to provide content for use during halftime or breaks in the action, NFL executive vice president of business ventures Eric Grubman announced during a panel appearance at Wednesday's SBJ/SBD's World Congress Of Sports.

While installation of the cameras is mandatory, the home team will be able to control what footage is used.

"The content will be available only in stadium and the content will be available only of the home team. You can show it or not show it," Grubman said according to the SportsBusiness Journal.

The increased quality of NFL broadcasts are believed to be one factor in steadily declining attendance figures, so improving the in-game experience with exclusive content is a good idea, even if it won't be used in some venues. For example, if you regularly attend games at Gillette Stadium, you probably already know that the odds of the New England Patriots offering a sneak peek at pre-game speech from head coach Bill Belichick are quite slim.

Grubman adds that the home team may have discretion when it comes to using locker room video footage, but one area that the home team will not have control over is replays.

"We’re going to mandate a number of things. We’re going to mandate cameras. The league also plans to mandate teams show replays in the stadium of important plays during a game such as fumbles and interceptions," said Grubman. "We’re going to mandate replays, not just after a disputed call but after a whole series of important plays, fumbles, out of bounds. Now it doesn’t matter if you want your technician to favor the home team. You’re not going to have a choice. Why? Just listen to the fans."

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