NFL stadiums can now offer one of the comforts of home

In its ongoing quest to make attending an NFL game almost as awesome as watching the NFL at home or in a bar, the NFL has decided that the NFL RedZone channel will be available at all 32 stadiums around the league.


As confirmed by NFL Network on Monday, fans attending games for all 32 teams will have the opportunity to see every touchdown from every game via NFL RedZone. The league plans to replace NFL Films highlights normally shown during games with the increasingly popular channel.

Produced by NFL Network, NFL RedZone whips around every NFL game on Sunday afternoons delivering touchdowns and the most exciting moments live and in high definition. When a team goes inside the 20-yard line, fans see the crucial plays as they happen

Now, it's up to the individual teams to figure out how much RedZone they show, and on what screens. I think you'll see it during breaks between quarters and commercial breaks, but I doubt anyone will be offering a constant feed in the stadium.

For example, if you're a team like — oh, I don't know, just as a completely random example, let's say the Raiders — you don't want a constant reminder in your stadium that there are other teams out there scoring actual touchdowns. All the while, you're sitting there wondering why you've shelled out hundreds of dollars for tickets, parking and concessions so you can watch the Raiders do whatever it is that they're calling "football."

All of this ties into a bigger discussion about the benefits of attending a game live vs. watching at home or in a sports bar. That's a discussion we'll get into deeper sometime soon, but I think it says something that the NFL took a step here in trying to make the live experience a little more like the at-home experience.

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