NFL’s idea about lowering ticket prices to preseason games has one major flaw

The NFL is going to look long and hard at the format and cost of the preseason, and excuse me if I don't really buy this. reported that the league is going to examine this year's preseason and see how it can be improved. Aside from forcing starters to play more (bad idea), preseason is always going to be what it is.

The kicker is this: The NFL has discussed lowering preseason ticket prices. Which is pretty great, considering it's the second biggest racket in sports aside from college football. When fans buy season tickets, those two preseason home games are tacked on. It's like going to buy gas and being forced to pay for a car wash every time, or you don't get your gas. It's not fair.

So lower ticket prices would be very fan friendly. Good move, NFL. Ah, well, let's not celebrate too fast.

Here's the key passage from the story: "owners would have to vote on the proposed change at an owners' meeting."

HAHAHAHAHAHA, oh man, you really had us going there for a second guys. The owners are going to be the ones to decide if they'll voluntarily take less money? Well, maybe next lifetime.

The NFL isn't giving up a pair of cash-cow games, so don't hold your breath on the preseason being cut down to two games. That should have happened a while ago. Teams don't really need four games to evaluate the three-to-five spots up in the air on their rosters. Starters only really play in two games anyway. There's no competitive value to having four preseason games anymore. But the money for preseason games spends the same to owners as regular-season money. And in the day and age of player safety concerns, an 18-game regular-season schedule is hard to sell.

So the NFL can go ahead and examine. And we'll file this under "We'll believe it when we see it."

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