How do new NFL draft picks get jerseys with their names on the back so fast?

Every player who is in New York to hear their name called and give a big bro hug to commissioner Roger Goodell is given an official team hat (on sale now!) and a jersey with their name on the back.

Wait, how did that happen if they were just drafted? No, they don't have 300 jerseys for every team in the back and dig out the Tavon Austin Rams jersey when St. Louis takes him.

Nike, who took over as the official jersey supplier to the NFL last year, is on site and sews the names on as the picks come in.

Pro Football Talk reported that Nike did that for the first time last year. It's just good business for Nike to keep that going this year, which is why all the picks have new No. 1 jerseys to mug for photos with.

We're guessing the guys in the back like picks like "Ansah" and "Fisher" more than "Richardson," but they've cranked them all out for the new first-round picks.

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