NFL could make the extra point a 42-yard kick

NFL could make the extra point a 42-yard kick
NFL could make the extra point a 42-yard kick

The extra point in the NFL is a given, a virtual statistical certainty. As such, the NFL is considering methods to liven up the point attempt, and one method could involve moving the spot of the attempt all the way back to the 25-yard line.

In January, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell began hinting that the days of the extra point as we know it are numbered, in large part because the conversion rate is a staggering 99.6 percent. "Are there any plays in the game that really are not consequential?" Goodell said at the time. "You want to add excitement with every play."

The proposal floated then would have eliminated the extra point entirely and allowed for an attempt to go for an eighth point, with the condition that a failure of that attempt meant a team dropped back from seven to six points. If you find that confusing and annoying, you're not alone.

Enter: this new proposal, which would force teams to kick from the 25-yard line, a 42-yard attempt. As Deadspin notes, the conversion rate for a field goal from that distance has hovered between 80 and 90 percent for the last few decades, which is enough uncertainty to inject a little more life into the process. Consider also that two-point conversions work at least half the time, even more so on running plays, and suddenly the moments after a touchdown become that much more strategically important.

The 25-yard line proposal should come before the Competition Committee when it meets later this week, but may not get close to reality anytime soon. "There is no consensus yet," one committee member told "We could experiment in preseason, but we are not there yet."

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