NFL concerned about Super Bowl L being Super Bowl for Losers

Maggie Hendricks

The use of Roman numerals in the Super Bowl name is confusing, makes even football fans versed in Latin (like me!) have to stop and think about what the number is, and is a slight bit pretentious. None of that bothered the league as much as this concern: Super Bowl L in 2016 will make people think the NFL is referring to Super Bowl Loser.

A league spokesman told My Fox D.C. the Roman numerals are part of the mystique of the Super Bowl. Though the NFL is smack dab in the middle of Super Bowl XLVI, they still are looking ahead to Super Bowl L.

The NFL has not announced the host city for the 50th Super Bowl, but it has begun talks about Super Bowl L and "those types of details," McCarthy said. He added, "I'm doing that signal to my friend right now."

Ahh, yes, the signal. The L held to the forehead, seen everywhere from "The Sandlot" to "Glee" which can only mean loser. The L is also used on a flag flown atop Wrigley Field in the rare occurrence the Chicago Cubs lose.  Check out the NFL standings. Teams want to stay away from that L column.

But in 2016, the NFL will put that letter on every single piece of memorabilia for its biggest game. The good news is they have a halftime act perfect for the occasion. Beck's "Loser" will find a new life years after its release.

Thanks, With Leather.