NFL backs Mangini's contention

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said Thursday that the videotaping the New York Jets did during a game last season against the New England Patriots is fairly common practice around the NFL, backing up claims by the Jets that they did nothing wrong.

According to Jets coach Eric Mangini, they asked for and were granted permission to tape the game at New England from one of the upper end zones. However, during the game, the Jets claim the Patriots changed their mind and had the person videotaping removed from the stadium.

The Patriots, punished for illegally taping defensive signals during the '07 opener against the Jets, have refused comment on the situation. However, Aiello said that such videotaping does not have to be cleared through the league office.

"It is not uncommon for visiting team video crews to request permission to shoot coaching video from both upper end zone positions," Aiello said. "Home clubs must provide visiting clubs with equal vantage points for the taping of games. Teams typically shoot coaching video from one upper 50-yard line location and one upper end zone location, but there are no restrictions on shooting from both upper end zone positions as long as the opportunity is provided to both teams."

Taping practices and games from the end zone is fairly standard in the NFL. It helps coaches studying line play and other nuances of the game.

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