NFL announces enhanced security measures for 2013 draft

Brian McIntyre
Shutdown Corner

In response to the bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon, the National Football League has announced increased security measures for inside and outside the 2013 NFL draft, which gets underway on Thursday, April 25 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Those attending the draft will be subjected to security screenings, including metal detectors and pat-downs. Those who refuse to go through these screenings will be denied access to the draft. After the two bombers in the Boston Marathon used backpacks to carry out their attack, officials urge fans attending the draft are urged to minimize what they bring with them to a small purse. All items will be inspected.

"The NFL and its clubs have operated with a very high level of security since 9/11 for all of our games and events," said Jeffrey Miller, NFL vice president and chief security officer. "With the help of the FBI, New York Police Department, Radio City and our private security partners, we will enhance our already comprehensive plans for the safety of our fans and other attendees."

The league has also issued a list of items that will not be allowed in Radio City Music Hall.

That list includes items such as alcohol, animals (exclusions will be made for service animals), beach balls, containers of any kind (including backpacks, coolers, aerosol cans), food and beverages, camcorders, laser pointers, noisemakers and horns, mace and pepper spray, weapons, knives and explosives, fireworks and, somewhat surprisingly, footballs.

A full list of prohibited items, and complete instructions for those fans who are planning to attend the draft, can be seen here.

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