NFL in 90: Titans and Colts’ losses lay waste to 85 percent of Yahoo survival football leagues

Kevin Kaduk
Shutdown Corner

It's been real, 2013 survival football league. That's what almost nine out of every 10 people who play Yahoo survival football are saying on Monday morning after watching the Tennessee Titans and Indianapolis Colts suffer big upsets on Sunday.

If you're unfamiliar with survival league football, the concept is easy. Each week, you pick one team to win. If it does, you advance. If it doesn't, you're eliminated from the pool. You cannot pick the same team twice. Whoever's left standing last is the winner.

Survival pool players were making a fun living picking the opponents of the woebegone Jaguars each week, but that strategy came to a crashing halt on Sunday for 78 percent of the entries in Yahoo's survival leagues. An early injury to Tennessee quarterback Jake Locker paved the way for the Jaguars' first win of the season. Meanwhile, Tavon Austin and the Rams ran all over the Colts to eliminate the second biggest group of picks in Yahoo leagues.

That leaves the participants who were smart enough to pick the New York Giants over the Oakland Raiders, the New Orleans Saints over the Dallas Cowboys or some other victorious team. Tell us what Week 11 looks like, will ya?

Yahoo Sports' own Kevin Kaduk breaks down his broken heart (he picked the Titans), as well as the rest of Week 10's top action in this week's NFL in :90.

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