Never forget Eli Manning’s San Diego spurning (VIDEO)

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

The NFL draft is the most overhyped event in sports. We love it, but it's true. Consider: We're in our 81st day of draft being the center of football attention. That Christmas season everyone complains about being too long? Sixty days, max.

That's why it's baffling that the story of Eli Manning spurning the San Diego Chargers in the 2004 NFL draft is almost forgotten. We talk about draft busts like JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf every April but rarely discuss the most awkward moment in draft history: Eli Manning standing on the stage with Paul Tagliabue holding a Chargers jersey everyone knew he'd never wear.

The two-time Super Bowl MVP recently discussed that petulant day with the NFL Network.

Love -- LOVE -- how Eli makes it seem like the 10-year-old kid rushing through the door gave him news of the trade, as if he didn't know one was already coming. His revisionism is so good he should be writing Japanese history textbooks.

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