NESN falls for prank article that Brian Urlacher signed one-day contract to retire a Packer

The satire site had a great joke article the other day, titled "Brian Urlacher Retires as a Green Bay Packer: 'I just wanted to go out a winner.'"

If you understand or appreciate the Packers-Bears rivalry in the slightest, you know how funny and brilliant that is. And if you're basically any sane person, you also understand it was a joke.

Well, someone at NESN (New England Sports Network) didn't get it, which led to a joke on top of the original joke.

The screen grab of NESN reporting the Urlacher joke as actual news during a broadcast was obtained by @FSURich and forwarded to SportsPickle.

Now that's funny.

Mistakes happen, obviously, but being on the wrong end of a satire article – especially one about the preposterous notion that Urlacher would ever sign with the Packers, or vice versa – isn't the error you want to make.

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